Green Tea

Lemon Tea: Japanese Green tea with lemongrass, pieces of lemon, lemon zest and lemon granules.
Japanese Green Tea: Good quality gentle tea.

Black Tea

Ceylon OP: Nice orange Pekoe tea from the Ceylon highland gardens.
Earl Grey Superior: A classic, flourish tea from India.
Emperors valuables: Mixture of black and green tea leaves of roses, sunflowers and peach.
Forest fruit tea: with elderberries, blackberries, raspberries and raspberry leaf.
Tea of roses: A Chinese tea with aromatic leaves of roses.
Winter tea: With cinnamon and almonds.

Rooibos Tea

African summer tea: Rooibos tea with orange peel, pieces of orange and maracuja.
The sweet sin: Leaves of roses, raspberry and vanilla.

Herb tea

Zorgeloos: Relaxing tea with fennel, camomile, orange peel, apple, cinnamon and clove.
Moroccan mint tea: fresh tea without getting the taste of menthol.
Sterrenmix: herbal tea with star anise, anise, juniper, peppermint, fennel and licorice.

Pot of tea

We can also serve the teas as written above in a pot, served weekly changing sweet and savoury snacks. €3,90

To go with the Tea

Rich Pie (ask for today's special offer) €2,75
Homemade sausage roll €2,60
"Grandmothers" apple pie €2,60
"Grandmothers" apple pie, cinnamon ice cream, whipped fresh cream €4,25
Brussels waffle €2,10
Brussels waffle with warm cherries, ice cream, whipped fresh cream €3,95
Fresh whipped cream €0,65